FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


If I booked a Maxicaravan, at which time can I get the keys? On the departure date at which time do I have to leave the Maxicaravan?

The keys are assigned to the guests starting from 16:00 o’clock. Check-out and departure must be done before 10:00 a.m.

For Maxicaravan stays an extra 30,00€ will be charged for the final cleaning for each Maxicaravan. Anyway, we kindly ask our guests to leave the Maxicaravan in nice conditions (no dirty dishes, garbage laying around etc.).

Is it allowed to smoke inside the Maxicaravan?

No, it is not allowed to smoke inside the structures.

Is there any difference on the dimensions of Maxicaravans for 4 or 5 persons?

The dimensions of Standard Maxicaravans for 4 or 5 people are exactly the same (24 smq), but in 5-people one the room with the two single beds has an extra bunk bed. The Maxicaravans Prestige for 4 persons are 32mq size. The Maxicaravans Wind for 4 persons are 32mq size and are equipped with 2 bathrooms. The new NEXT Maxicaravans measure instead 34 sqm internally, plus the extra 20 smq terrace, for a total 54 smq space for your holiday!

Are bed sheets included in the Maxicaravan?

Yes, in Maxicaravan bed sheets and blankets are included.
In case of long staying we change the bed sheets once every week.
Towels and other linen for the kitchen (tablecloth etc.) are not provided, but it is possible to hire some towels with a little extra, just asking by booking or by reception.

Is it possible to place a tent near the Maxicaravan?

No, around the Maxicaravan or inside its garden it is vorbidden to place tents or other structures.

Is it possible to move the beds inside the Maxicaravan?

No, beds cannot be moved: they are fixed to the structure for security reasons.

Does the price of the Maxicaravan include people or do they have to be added separately?

The price of the Maxicaravans also includes people, according to the type of structure: those for 4 people include a maximum of 4 people, those for 5 include a maximum of 5 people.


If I have a tent/roulotte/camper, at wich time can I enter the campsite on the arrival date? On the departure date at which time do I have to leave the pitch?

Check-in for pitches is possible from 8:30 a.m. untill 11:00 p.m.
Check-out and departure must be done before 11:00 a.m.
In low-season, by decision of the Management and only according to Director permission, it is possible to leave the pitch during the afternoon, but always checking out before 11:00 a.m. anyway.

Do you have a barbeque area?

No, the campsite does not have a specific barbeque area, but our guest can make their barbeque at their pitch or Maxicaravan at 2 conditions: fire must not lay on the ground and smoke must not disturb the neighbours.
By our Market-Bazar it is possible to buy disposable barbeque, charcoal and other accessories.

Are places provided with electricity?

Yes, all places have ther own plug. We deliver elecricity for 6A (1200W).
It is not possible to get higher amounts, even by payment.
Pitches can be up to 40 meters away from the plug point, so we suggest to have enough cable.
By our Market-Bazar it is possible to buy different kinds of cables, plugs and reductions.


When does the campsite open?

The campsite will open from 01/04/2023 and close on 01/10/2023.

Untill which time is it allowed to drive into the campsite?

In the campsite it is possible to drive vehicles from 8:00 a.m. untill 23:00.
From 23:00 untill 8:00 a.m. it is forbidden to drive any vehicle in the campsite area.

I have a dog/cat/other kind of pet, may i bring it with me on holiday?

Pets are admitted in the campsite only if the guest comes with his own tent/roulotte/camper, they are absolutely not admitted in our Maxicaravans.
At the Market-Bazar it is possible to buy food for dogs and cats.

How far is Gardaland Park? Can we walk there? Is there a shuttle service?

Gardaland Park does not make a shuttle service by our campsite but it is only 200Mt fly distance from here, so can be reached by 15 minutes walking (aprox 1 km lakeside road). For information about park, prices, opening times and more please visit here: www.gardaland.it.

Is the swimming pool always open?

No. The swimming pool is built outside and not heated, so it usually opens from mid-May until mid-September.
SThe opening time changes depending on the weather conditions then we always suggest our guests to ask by the reception for more informations.

In case of cancellation, what to do?

In case you have to cancel your confirmed booking, it will be enough to send an email to our booking office: info@gasparina.com

In case of cancellation, the deposit will be refunded as follows:

  • 100% of the whole deposit if the mail is sent before the 30th day from the beginning of your stay.
  • 50% of the whole deposit if the mail is sent between the 29th day and the 15th day before the beginning of your stay.
  • No return of money if the mail is sent from the 15th day before the beginning of your stay

However, the refund will be sent decurted of €10,00 cancellation fee.

We also reserve to us the right to cancel your reservation whenever you should arrive later the midnight. The Management of the

Camping cannot be responsible for late arrivals or early departures caused by any reasons (damages-bad weather-illness-burglaries), so the whole booked period must be paid.


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