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Pools for all the family


Relax at poolside or on the beach

Our camping has a 25Mt pool with some swimming lanes and a jacuzzi area for those who prefer relax and sunbathing poolside. Nearby there is also the children pool with some water games to refresh and have fun. Beach umbrella and chairs rental is available by the reception.

Being open and not heated, the swimming pool opens all day, according to weather conditions, usually from mid-May until mid-September, so it is always better to check for the opening hours by the reception or on swimming pool signs.

Bathing cap and swimsuit are mandatory, it is eventually possible to buy them by our Market too. In high season it is required to all guests to wear our Camping bracelet to enter freely in the pool.

Direclty front lake there is also our free beach: a wide green area, partly shadowed, available for our guests all season to relax while enjoying the wonderful Garda Lake panorama.


Services included:

  • idromassaggio Jacuzzi
  • water games and external slide
  • direct lake access on the beach

To pay:

  • beach umbrella and chairs

Other services

Tickets and Excursions

At the Reception you can buy tickets at a special price for admission to the various theme parks including Gardaland!

Other services

Do you want to enjoy happy hour in front of a beautiful sunset over the lake? Bar la Barchetta is waiting for you!
Do you love to eat well? The Oasi Restaurant …